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The University carries out the training of Bachelors, Masters and PhDs  in the following academic majors:


licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science
of the Russian Federation
 Aircraft, Mechanical, Marine and Automotive Engineering
Aerodynamics & Heat-Exchange Processes in Aircrafts      PhD
Aircraft Engines  BSc MSc  
Design, Construction and Manufacturing Technology of Aircrafts      PhD
Strength & Heat Regimes of Aircrafts     PhD
Technical Exploitation of Flying Vehicles and Engines  BSc    
Machines of Fluid, Gas and Plasma     PhD
Machinery Engineering   BSc    
Material Engineering and Material Technology  BSc MSc  
Design and Technological Support for Machinery Production  BSc MSc  
Ground Transport Technology Complexes  BSc    
Exploitation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes   BSc    
Technology and Equipment for Mechanical and Physico - Technical Processing     PhD
Naval Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Systems Engineering of Marine Infrastructure Facilities  BSc    
Aircraft Engines, Automobile Engines and Power Engineering
Aircraft Engines  BSc MSc  
Heat Engines      PhD
Heat and Electrical Engines and Power Plants of Aircrafts     PhD 
Power Machinery Engineering  BSc    
Heat-Power Engineering and Heating Engineering BSc MSc  
Thermophysics and Theoretical Heat Engineering BSc  MSc  
Turbomachine and Combined Installations      PhD
Engineering Physics  BSc MSc  
Plasma Physics      PhD
Engineering Protection of the Environment and Life Safety
Engineering Protection of the Environment   DE  
Life Safety   DE  
Automation, Control, Avionics & Instrumentation Engineering
Electric Power and Electric Engineering BSc MSc  
Control in Engineering Systems  BSc MSc  
Instrument - Making  BSc MSc  
Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems     PhD
Technology of Instrument - Making     PhD
Information & Measuring and Control Systems     PhD
Optical Engineering  BSc MSc  
Optical and Opto - Electronic Devices and Systems     PhD
Quality Management BSc    
Standardization and Metrology BSc    
Biomedical Systems and technology BSc    
Technosphere Safety BSc    
Devices and Methods for Monitoring of Environment, Substances, Materials and Products     PhD
Computer Science and Information Technologies
Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing     PhD
Informatics and Computer Engineering BSc MSc  
Elements and Devices of Computers and Control Systems     PhD
Software Engineering BSc    
Information Systems and Technology BSc MSc  
Design and Technology of Electronic Instrumentation  BSc MSc  
Automation & Control of Technological Processes & Production     PhD
Computer - Aided Design     PhD
Systems, Networks and Telecommunication Devices     PhD
Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Complexes     PhD
Telecommunications, Radio-Engineering, Micro & Nano Electronics
Radio-Engineering  BSc MSc  
Infocommunication Technologies and  Communication Systems  BSc MSc  
Radio-Engineering, including TV - Devices and Systems     PhD
Antennas, Microwave Devices and Related Technologies     PhD
Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks     PhD
Electronics and Nanoelectronics  BSc    
Nanoengineering  BSc    
Economics, Business Management, Law Science
Economics BA  MA  
Management BA  MA  
Commerce  BA    
Applied Informatics BA    
Management for Social and Economical Systems     PhD
Economic Theory     PhD
Economics & Management of National Economy     PhD
Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics     PhD
Organization of Manufacturing     PhD
Advertising and Public Relations BA    
Personnel  Management BA    
Jurisprudence BA    

BA - Bachelor of Arts; BS - Bachelor of Science; DE - Diploma Engineer; DS - Diploma Specialist; MS - Master of Science.

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