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Dear colleagues and friends in academia, business and the wider community around the globe!

Welcome to Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev-KAI (KNRTU-KAI), established in 1932. The history of the University is closely related to the progress of Russian aeronautics. Fundamental education and profound scientific research are the distinguishing features of the university, which make it very attractive for a great number of young people.

Today the university is one of the 10 top Russian technical universities and a leading institution in aircraft and rocket engineering, engine- and instrument-production, computer science, telecommunications and electronics. KNRTU-KAI has become one of the first technical universities in Russia to achieve the National Research University status. The century-old traditions established at the university have turned it into an elite institution of higher education and formed an elite engineering community of university graduates working all over the world. The university has great experience in teaching international students and providing them with the infrastructure for successful studying.

In addition, the Republic of Tatarstan is a region with picturesque landscapes under a warm sun, with open and friendly people – it carriers together Tatar traditions and Russian hospitality. The time you spend here can become a real adventure which will make studying at KNRTU-KAI informative, captivating and, above all, unforgettable



Dr. Alsu Gilmetdinova, Head of International Relations Department



Dr. Alexander Snegurenko, Vice-Head of International Relations Department



Ms. Renata Gabitova, Head of International Cooperation and Academic Mobility Unit


  Ms. Liudmila Pshenichnikova, Head of International Students' Unit


Contacts E-mail: icd@kai.ru
Tel.: +7-843-231-1623, 231-16-24
Fax: +7-843-236-6032

The International Relations covers a wide area of international-related activities of the university, including the followings:

1. Forming the international strategy of the university, organization of its international activities, preparation of agreements and other documents to implement the international strategy of KNRTU-KAI, coordination of the KNRTU-KAI divisions activities on development and fulfilment of international agreements and projects; communications with foreign partners and carrying correspondence.
2. Interaction with the state bodies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan on international-related fields.
3. Information support of the university community on international programmes and funds, international orientation of students and teaching staff and publishing activities.
KNRTU-KAI took part in a number of European and other International programmes, including TACIS, Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, DAAD, British Council, European Universities’ Association, European Association of Aerospace Universities PEGASUS, Salzburg Seminar, IREX, Fulbright, etc.

Kazan National Research Technical University
International Relations Department
10, K.Marx St., Kazan, Tatarstan 420111, Russia
Phone: +7-843-231-1623. Fax: +7-843-236-60-32. E-mail:  icd@kai.ru