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Admission Requirements for the PhD Degree Programmes 

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language 2nd level certificate (in accordance with acting all-Russian levels classification)
Period of Testing The year round
List of PhD Specialities 01.02.05 Mechanics of Fluid, Gas and Plasma
01.04.08 Physics of Plasma
01.04.14 Thermophysics and Theoretical Heat Engineering
05.02.22 Organisation of Manufacturing
05.03.01 Technology and Equipment for Mechanical and Physico-Technical Processing
05.04.02 Heat Engines
05.04.12 Turbomachine and Combined Installations
05.07.01 Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Processes in Aircraft
05.07.02 Design, Construction and Manufacture of Aircraft
05.07.03 Strength and Thermal Regimes of Aircraft
05.07.05 Heat and Electrical Engines and Power Plants of Aircrafts
05.09.03 Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems
05.11.07 Optical and Opto-Electronic Devices and Systems
05.11.13 Devices and Methods for Monitoring of Environment, Substances, Materials and Products
05.11.14 Technology of Instrument-Making
05.11.16 Information-&-Measuring and Control Systems
05.12.04 Radio-Engineering, including TV Devices and Systems
05.12.07 Antennas, Microwave Devices and Related Technologies
05.12.13 Systems, Networks and Telecommunication Devices
05.13.01 Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing
05.13.05 Elements and Devices of Computers and Control Systems
05.13.06 Automation and Control of Technological Processes and Production
05.13.10 Management for Social and Economical Systems
05.13.12 Systems of Design Automation
05.13.13 Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks
05.13.18 Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Software Complexes
05.14.04 Industrial Heat Power Engineering
07.00.02 National History
08.00.01 Economical Theory
08.00.05 Economics and Management for National Economy
08.00.13 Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics
09.00.01 Ontology and Cognitive Theory
19.00.03 Labor Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Ergonomics
19.00.07 Pedagogical Psychology
22.00.04 Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes
Prerequisites (a list of publications, an essay, etc.) 1. An academic qualification is equal to Master of Science or Master of Arts or Diploma Engineer or Diploma Specialist in the related field
2. Review on current state of research in specific field, volume 10-20 pp. (approx.)
3. Scientific Publications

DSc Degree Programmes:

  • Strength and Heat Regimes of Flying Vehicles
  • Manufacturing Technology of Aircraft
  • Elements and Devices of Computing Equipment
  • Information Processing and Control Systems
  • Designing Automation Systems
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